19 August 2011

MySQL Server has gone away..

MySQL has gone away? Where to?.. Went to buy raya preparation huh?..

I was trying to restore a backup SQL script that contains very large Blob field type when MySQL administrator keep giving me this error message. Google tells me that this problem may be due to MAX_ALLOWED_PACKET variable in MySQL configuration file. It's initial value was set to 1M and it was too small to handle such a large data.

Using MySQL Administrator tools, I changed the Max. packet size from 1M to 5M, 16M, 32M, 64M and it is not big enough and still gave me the same error message. It is only restore completely when I change the value to 128M. Finally!

The variable setup page can be found in MySQL Administrator tools, under Startup Variable> Advanced Networking> Data/ Memory Size section. Checked the 'Max packet size' and set the size to desired value.

*For my future reference as i tend to forget things easily lately!.. uhuuu...

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