14 August 2011

Ukasyah and ABC

Mummy bought this wooden abc when ukasyah is still in mummy's tummy.. 37th week kalo tak silap.. mummy's plan was to use the abc as ukasyah's nursury deco sebenarnya.. But it end up selamat dlm original pack untill  yesterday.. 4 month dah ukasyah.. Since he is quite familiar with ABC (that is what mummy has in mind ;p), mummy pun kuarkan la abc tu.. As the abc has magnet attached, daddy bought him a rm5 magnetic board from daiso to compliment the abc.. Sayangnyer the board is quite small.. Abc sumer jammed dalam tu.. Nnt daddy beli bigger board ek?

Ukasyah seems so enjoy picking and throwing those colorful abc.. Rasanya tak sempat nk dapat board baru nih.. :-B

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