19 November 2009

Pokok Mulberry ku sudah berbuah

During the last Hari Raya balik kampung, my MIL gave me four mulberry trees for me to plant here at home. Two were planted in my backyard garden (yang sekangkang kera je tu). I gave one to my mother and there is one more left. Planning to breed some more so that i can give them to my uncle and cousins.

Alhamdulillah.. the tree which i kept for breeding is started to fruit. There are two bunches of the fruit, but they are not ripe yet. Can't wait for the fruits to ripen. I am keen on trying to make mulberry jam myself but it will never happen with only two bunches of mulberry! ahaha... I have to wait for more lah.

Actually, its not the fruit that we are awaiting for. It is the leaves! Sedap!... Yes! we can eat the leaves. Eat them as ulam. Dip in hot boiling water for seconds to soften the leaves then serve with sambal belacan (campur tomato pun sodap!). uhuhu... so delicious.. mengancam! :p

Took all available leaves this morning, so I have to wait for them to grow more next time.

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